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Djembefola.. and Mogobalu DVD - $26.00
The much anticipated release of this magnificent double featured DVD is now here!
It includes the original award winning documentary by Laurent Chevallier,
Djembefola, and a new bonus film Mogobalu (also by Chevallier).  That's not all
though! This DVD also has special bonus footage.

The film, Djembefola follows Mamady Keita, one of the worlds greatest
percussionists in a joyful, emotional and music filled trip as he travels from his
home in Brussels back to his native village in Guinea.
A child prodigy drum (or djembe) player, Keita, at the age of seven, played in the
film Africa Dance with superstar / political activist Harry Belafonte and, when he
was fourteen, was selected to join the National Ballet Djoliba. Twenty-six years
abroad have not lessened the ties Mamady Keita has to the culture that has
nurtured him. In his remote village he has a warm and tearful reunion with friends
and relatives who had assumed he was dead.

The second film, Mogobalu, The Masters of Percussion: Mamady Keita and the
Grand Masters of African Music is a documentary that explores the life of a
Djembefola in the modern world and the virtuosity of the djembe in today's music.
Features extensive footage from the concert celebrating Mamady's 10 years in
Europe where he reunites some of Africa's greatest musiciand and percussionists.
Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan DVD
An amazing performance by Mamady Keïta and his group Sewa Kan in
Brussels at the 15th annual Couleur Café Festival in 2004. Features special
guests Baba Sissoko, Bruno Genero, Seckou Keita and Mohamet Sissoko.


Anta   Djagbe    Mendiani    Kognonfoli    Djabara   Sunu   Tiriba  Kassa   Fe   
Mamady Lee  
Bonus Tracks: Interview with Mamady Keïta, Interview with Bruno Genero
Interview with Baba Sissoko, Studio footage, Photo Gallery
105 minutes  
$30.00 (DVD)
Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan CD
Hear the music from the Live performance
Mamady Keita -Life of the Djembe:
Traditional Music of the Malinke
With over 50 rhythms, this book with CD gives historical
information on rhythms, dances and culture from the
Manding/Malinke and other ethnic groups of West Africa.  Musical
notation is given for djembe, dununba, sangba and kenkeni parts.  
The CD also has the djembe and dunun parts of some fo the
rhythms.  This is a must for drummers and dancers alike.
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