Who carries Erzuli Products?

The list of Erzuli Products sellers grows by the day.  Below are the places that carry Erzuli Products.  
Where to buy Erzuli?
Don't see a location near you?
If there is a store that you frequent, request that they order
Erzuli Shea Butter and Black Soap products. Have them
contact our distributor:
Afrikan Djeli Import Warehouse
Atlanta, GA

Wayfield Food - All Georgia Locations

Sevananda Market

Wholefoods Market
Ponce De Leon location

The Initiators - Cumberland Mall
Upper Level - Near Costco

Local Beauty Supply Store
Richmond, VA
Ellenwood Thompson
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Sokoto Group
Richmond, VA
Ellenwood Thompson
Tallahassee, FL

New Leaf Market
Memphis, TN

Whole Foods - Poplar Location
Local Beauty Supply Store