Adwa: An African Victory
On March 2, 1896, the italians embarked on the final
european conquest of an African nation, Ethiopia.  
With brilliant military intelligence and gallant generals
at the heml, united and willed, the Ethiopian people
rose their way to triumph over italians at the Battle of
Adwa. The event ignited a lasting flame of hope, of
freedom and independence in the hearts of Africans
throughout the world.
Haile Gerima, the director and producer of this
important historic landmark and director/producer of
the film Sankofa, joins the voices of Ethiopian
historians, elders, priests, poets and singers,
capturing on film the powerful education and
experience that shaped his consciousness. In a
collage of Ethiopian landscapes, paintings,
photographs and faces, the film illuminates one of the
hidden sources of African empowerment.
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